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Amount will be refunded if you have taken only Free Tests, and have not attempted any test s covered under Pass. Why should I practice at Testbook. Testbook App Current Affairs App. How many tests and exam do I get when I buy the Testbook Pass? Yes, detailed solutions will be available to you after you finish the test.

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Will I be able to access my tests after my Pass expires? To be in one of the best organizations you too have to prove yourself the best and for this you need to pass an aptitude test. Questions made by experts with years of experience in making Aptitude Tests Detailed, step-by-step solutions to each and every Question. Aptitude Tests offer you a good way to keep your wits sharp and mind fresh! Will I get the refund if I want to stop using it before the Pass expiry?

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Generally, one of the transactions gets refunded back to your bank account automatically. The reason why colleges and recruiters make you sit for Aptitude Tests is simple - to check if you are built to survive difficult curriculums and face harsh work-pressures! What is Psychometric Aptitude Test?

The (REAL) Divergent Aptitude Test (Exact from Book )

Why should I try out Aptitude Tests? It is basically the ability of a mind to think and understand things in a logical way. Read short capsules, take instant quizzes and bookmark important news on the go. Although, you can reattempt all incorrect and skipped questions using the reattempt feature available for Tests. Can I attempt a test multiple times?

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Aptitude test is a plus along with other talents and qualifications. Usually conducted in job placements and recruitment processes, doraemon hindi cartoon aptitude tests also evaluate your capabilities to perform difficult but everyday tasks with ease and agility. What are the different types of Aptitude Tests available at Testbook.

Get questions based on actual exam pattern. What if my computer gets disconnected from internet during the test? Testbook Pass is a special membership pass that unlocks all the tests under all the exams available on Testbook. All of Testbook and more in the palm of your hands! After your Pass expires, you will have to renew it to access unattempted, attempted and new tests.

In professional environment, having a balanced emotional quotient enables you to take tough calls in tricky situations. My money got deducted twice while making the transaction, what should I do?

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Railways RRB Aptitude Test (Psychometric) Sample Paper - Testbook Blog

What happens if I renew the Pass before the expiry date? Not Now Yes, I'm Interested. However, you can refer to the solutions and analysis of the attempted tests as many times as you want. Thus, you need to have mastery in this field to prove yourself ahead of others. Once you have proved your aptitude in the field you can indeed yield better result in career.

Quantitative Aptitude - Free Quantitative Aptitude Question & Answers

You would get in hand both the solved and unsolved pattern. How can I prepare for my Aptitude Test at Testbook.

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Once the Live Test is over, you will be able to see the test along with its solutions. You will find your Tests in My Tests tab under respective Exam tabs. We auto-pause your test and you can resume the test from where you left.

Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning English. The papers also come with thorough explanations. Aptitude Tests check your competence, reactions and analytical abilities to perform skilful tasks.

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Kindly ensure that you have an uninterrupted internet and power connection during the Live Tests. Every leading company has a scope to test your aptitude in order to have a better idea about your general skill in the field. Why do colleges and recruiters conduct Aptitude Tests? As a result, Aptitude Tests are aimed at assessing your verbal, psychometric, critical thinking, logical reasoning, numerical, behavioural and many more tendencies and skills. Get your daily, weekly and monthly quizzes in this tiny app.

You can renew the Testbook Pass anytime, just like you purchased it. Can I download the question paper with solutions after the test? Awesome live classes are on the way.

Aptitude Test Preparation for Pre-employment Assessments

Quantitative Aptitude - Free Quantitative Aptitude Question & Answers

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