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Live in Concert Piece of Me Tour. Select Silver in the Certification field.

3 (Britney Spears song)

We shouldn't censor ourselves. The New York Times Company. Confidential beauty becomes enveloped by edgy modern dance attitude. How to download free YouTube videos? Les classement de telechargement single.

Any feelings about our recommendations, please feel free to share below. How to download full album music? When they get to his house, it is revealed by a newspaper that he is a criminal.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. It was just cool to give something back to them and see what they would appreciate. Select singles in the Format field. You know, it takes you in to a very cool consciousness I think.

Britney Spears Songs Free Download - Top 10 Classic Songs

She opens one of the lockers in his house and finds a gun, after which the couple kisses. The next morning, the criminal brings Spears breakfast to the bed and kisses her on the forehead. That's very strange to me. It's really strange to me. This song is written to ask for forgive from ex-boyfriend as well as a response to Cry Me a River.

It kind of takes you away. It is a story about a beautiful and famous girl, but she feels lonely and unhappy. It features Spears as a woman in upper society and follows her relationship with a criminal, played by her then real-life boyfriend Jason Trawick. Makes us think of sex and, uh, ice-cold criminals. Alfred Publishing Company.

Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. The video begins with Spears wearing a sparkly black dress at a dressing table, putting mascara and Circus Fantasy on. How to download YouTube songs free online? The video begins at a formal party in which Spears seems to be looking for someone.

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Criminal (Britney Spears song)

The policemen then enter the house, and one of them confirms that the couple escaped. Rather, it's a place where guns are rare, gun licensing is tightly controlled, and the entire establishment has been in a panic about gun use on its streets for the last three years.

Britney Spears Songs Free Download - Top 10 Classic Songs

We wanted it to be sensual and steamy. Curious Fantasy Believe Radiance.

Britney Spears - 3 Lyrics

Britney Spears - 3 Lyrics

How to download YouTube music video? The video received a positive response from critics, with some calling it the best music video from Femme Fatale. After he slaps her, one of the waiters of the party Trawick wearing a leather jacket punches her boyfriend several times. How to download Dailymotion video online?

How to create your beautiful photos? Bulgarian Association of Music Producers.

3 (Britney Spears song)

It made Spears the first artist in over three years to debut at the top position and the only non- American Idol artist in eleven years to do so. Credits adapted from Femme Fatale booklet liner notes. Spears, showing that she still has it from all those years ago.

Britney is very hot in the music video, sometimes she is a stewardess, romantic songs mp3 hindi 2014 sometimes she is a camellias. The Best of Britney Spears. Lyrics of this Britney Spears songs criticizes play boy who has affairs with many women. The video ends with Spears and the criminal escaping on the motorcycle as the credits roll.

Seriously, few pop stars can pull off a flute and Brit does it with ease. It is considered the only ballad of the album. The Official Charts Company. What about every other actor? She did everything just want to make him happy.

St Asaph explained that the only interpretation of the video lies on the opinion of each viewer about Spears's personal life, and how active a role each person imagines she plays in it. Recording Industry Association of Japan. She's so creative with this stuff.

The video is very simple, it's very, very minimal. How to download Facebook videos online?

It features Spears looking out into the distance, with her wavy hair falling on her bare back. Marrs Piliero was initially hesitant to cast Trawick feeling that a professional actor would do a better job, but did not talk to Spears about it. After Spears first listened to the song, she felt it was different and unlike anything she had heard before. Spears recorded her vocals for the song with the producers at Maratone Studios. The song was released as the fourth and final single from the album.

British Phonographic Industry. Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing. So, it should be very interesting. Criminal received critical acclaim from music critics.

The song's lyrics are about threesomes. Everything's really strong and playful.