Eyeon Fusion 7


Control modifier tools with effectors and force emitters, based on bitmaps, shapes or polylines. File Format Compatibility. But from that point on it will be treated as a filmed plate, so no relying on that fbx model in the process.


Apply calculated motion blur to any tool with animation applied. Render and interactive performance scalable with remote nodes. On-the-fly caching for amazing interactive performance. Choose from a variety of predefined particle styles and brushes. Magic wand-type mask performs color picking over time.

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Clean plate pre keyer to smooth lighting differences in screen color. User definable ranges for shadows, midtones and highlights. Adjustable edge gamma and fringe color correction.

Adaptive pattern acquisition. Just-In-Time compiling of image processing tools. Single layer timeline with ability to play a number of shots.

Paint with hard or soft edge brushes or bit map image brushes. Nodes are a Much Faster Way to Work! Erode and dilate filters for burn in and overexposure effects. Optical Flow based retiming. You have disabled cookies and are browsing in private mode.

Eyeon Software announces Fusion 7

Disparity stereo map generation, with mapping in both left and right eyes. Pre-built scripts to automate common workflows.

Drag and drop footage into flow directly from file explorer. Five modes of spill suppression to eliminate even the most difficult reflection halos. Simply click on a node to quickly adjust any single part of your project.

Modify particle attributes with custom expressions. Use time value offsets and scaling for multiple selected keyframes.

But I have hatched a plan Maybe even Marcus would benefit, click-n-load if Eyeon came up with some ideas he might like to incorporate into his work? Offiial tutorials and training from Eyeon.

Optical Flow analysis for generating forward and back vectors. Use modifiers like Scramble, Timecode, and Follower. But, my guess is that most features that got added as far as rendering would find eager users? Infinite Canvas eliminates clipping of image areas outside the project bounds. Bezier and stroke wire removal tools for fast and flexible removal of rigging and other undesirable elements.

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Scriptable automation tasks using the Fusion scripting engine to control features. Fusion Studio also features a bin server to let everyone share and see common assets that are needed for the job. In this tutorial from Fusio Gartnerwe take a look at the cinematic potential of Fusion. Perform Z-depth compositing.

Use masks to limit the effect of any tool to a specified region. Mix and match footage of different resolutions, field orders, aspect ratios and formats within a single project. Integrated Script Debug Console. SmoothMotion for smoothing of color or aux channels using optical flow. Planar Transforms of Roto.

Volumetric Renderer, with full ray casted self shadowing volumes with variable density. Magnet or static selection types for easy manipulation of multiple grid points. Several functions may not work.

Accept cookies and close this message Disable cookies. Support for dual displays. Individual strokes can be moved, edited, animated and tracked. Drag and drop sorting of tools in the timeline to better focus on timing and keyframes.


What s New in Fusion 16

What s New in Fusion 16