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What do you call a wife who is sexy, beautiful, intelligent, understanding, caring, never jealous and a great cook? Why not-it was full of invisible jokes! You have wasted a minute of your life thinking about an idiot.

If you don't agree with what I say, try sitting on a pin. If you want to have an entertaining day away from the boredom of everyday mechanical life then send these funny sms to your friends. What is the most important source of finance for starting business? And Whatsapp status updates? Pass wale Mall me gai thi Darling, shopping karane.

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Rude sms Messages Collection of rude sms to amuse your friends, show them that you can also be rude to him or her. Not only will she cheer up, she will also be thankful to have a amazing guy like you in her life. Just imagine how lucky I am!

Dream sms Messages Dream Quotes Send these beautiful lovely dream sms and dream quotes to your lovely friends. Why not you love on sms to your friends by these love sms notes. Chloroform is out of stock in the hospital. Kya apko ladkian pasand hai? Rule of Maths If it seems easy, You are doing it wrong.

Phle koi ladka kisi ladke ko chhedta tha Dusre ladke Hero ke tarah use bechane pahuch jate the Lekin aajkal video recording karne lagte hai. Darling today is our anniversary, what should we do? Yu dekha naa karo hume haste haste Yu dekha naa karo hume haste haste Mere yaar bahut Gustakh hai kah denge Bhabhi Jee namste. Akshay's new movie that's about to release - Toilet. Today is World Intelligence day.

Lisa Lampenelli is so ugly that her makeup mirror is equipped with front and side airbags! Get a girlfriend who looks well. Millions of people write Love Letters.

Married men live longer than single men do, but, married men are a lot more willing to die. We have added here our new collection of latest submitted sms by our website visitors. Don't worry my son, you should see the one who is reading this msg.

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Ha ha, what will you do now? We have huge collection of Urdu Hindi sms Text messages.

We have complete range of happy new year funny hindi sms text messages, nds file reader happy new year wishes greetings jokes. These are my friend and girlfriend funny faces who do not send me funny sms and why are you laughing? Sms Jokes Send these love and funny sms jokes on mobiles of your friends. Gals grow up when they start to put lipstick n boys grow up when they start to wipe it off!

Because friends are everywhere. Wife is a chocolate, can have any time. Biggest Trouble in this world is.

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This website contains a library of pre-composed text messages that you can send from this site. Aunty, mummy ne chini mangi hai. In fact, it is said that making someone cry is much easier than making him laugh.

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Why not send him or her a friendship sms message to be your best friend. Do your friends know that you are mad?

Banta- haan Girl- lekin tume to meri parwaah hi nahi Banta- oye pyar karne wale kisi ki parwaah nahi karte! Huge collection of birthday sms.

Duniyan me bhi kaise kaise kangal aur Gair Jimmedar log bhare pade hai. Funny Sms messages and jokes A collection of funny sms text messages, jokes and humorous text messages. Friendship is a world-wide feeling that everyone shares.

Can you please send a pair of your socks? How do you identify a true music lover? There is no particular problem. Laugh out loud throughout the day.

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Women stand to benefit immensely from yoghurt. Getting married is very much like Going to a restaurant with friends You order what you want, but When you see what the other has You wish you had ordered that.

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These messages will help you to be stress free and forget all your tension for a while. Here you will come to know how to flirt a women over sms. My parents didn't give me any credit for intelligence. Heavy Traffic ke beech gap dhoondhane mein naakaam raha bike savaar yuvak Pappu Singh, Traffic police- Harilal ne kaata bhaari chaalaan.

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Missing You sms Messages Here you will find large collection of missing u sms text messages. If your friend or your loved one is suffering from fever, send these cute get well soon wishes and wish you good health sms messages.