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The music video for the infamous Tunak Tunak Tun featured four versions of the singer, Daler Mhendi, that represented the four classical elements. The elements include fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, metal, ice, wood, lightning. Saishi is the Goyosei of Wood, though rather than manipulate plants and trees she manifest this power as an extremely advanced regeneration. Other forms of magic are not such good fits. Erza is unique in that she doesn't know elemental magic herself, but rather she has magic armors and weapons that have said properties, including fire, water, lightning, and wind.

Stands opposed to Metal, Technology, Poison and Death. The Psychopomp's powers are of soul and spirit. May be folded into Dark or Death. The Elder Scrolls uses the Greek four, plus light.

Learning Fire and Ice together, or Earth and Lightning a more spectacular manifestation of Air improves mastery of both. This power is called magnekinesis.

This power is called chronokinesis. Harry Potter has fewer Elemental Spells than most other settings. Ironically, it can sometimes be used to revive someone just like Life magic, as long as you're not concerned about them coming back intact. May involve power in exchange for sanity. Expect it to not obey the usual laws of physics of regular fire.

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Shinrei and his master Fubuki can control Water, usually to form water swords and giant water dragons. While not mentioned in their background, telugulipi editor 4.1 the Nomad has wind powers. The first game also borrows the usually-Almighty Megido spells as its multi-target Nuclear spells. Each element also had an energy type associated with it.

This power is called psammokinesis. Ghost Rider is Fire, just like in the comics, and he's pitted against three demons based on wind, water and earth. Character alignment affects what spells you can learn. This power is called magmakinesis.

The power either plays with other people's minds, or causes direct effect on their surroundings. Of course it's a bit harsh to put all the blame for this on Aristotle, it was his successors that in keeping with scholarly thought of the time simply assumed he'd got it right. The three elemental types are Fire, Frost, and Shock.

Japan has a classical four elemental system, with Void being at the center. In the Onimusha series, there are several weapons related to elements and magics.

The Inhibitor is a Church Militant as well, but their powers seem to have an arcane theme and appearance to them. Battle High is a Fighting Game where all characters have some sort of elemental power. Freezes the blood of your enemies, injuring them.

It can involve other elements as well. Even though it's like a stronger version of Earth, it's also sterile, inflexible, cold, and can't bear life like Earth can. GoseiKnight can use all three elements. The main reason he was so influential was because of his ingenious and plausible sounding, but unfortunately completely wrong idea, of giving each element a preferred direction to move. It took them years and years, but the quartet was finally recently completed with the introduction of Groundramon.

And who are they working for? Metal is rarely seen as a classical element or power outside of Asia and China in particular. Generally of the gamma kind, the kind related to reactors, bombs, and fallout.

This power is called lunakinesis. May manifests as Petal Power attacks. Heals things except undead, which it hurts. And apparently, he's still going at it.

This power is called cryokinesis. Daenerys Targaryen can control dragons and seem to be magically fireproof. It affects weapons, but also some characters are more incline to determinated elements than others. The Glutton's magic is stated to be earth magic.

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When combined with Electricity, you get Electromagnetism, which along with Gravity below is one of the four fundamental forces. Yeah, I don't know either. The Lego Elves line includes elves with elemental powers.

This power is called asterokinesis. The winds of freedom storms the enemies, unleashing allies on them.

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