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Cyrus is one of the most ruthless and cruel villains to have ever appeared in the Pokemon anime. When they threatened to destroy it, Cyrus snapped at them for trying to destroy one of the sacred orbs linked to the Legendary Pokemon of time and space, Dialga and Palkia. After the Red Chain's destruction and Cyrus's exit, Palkia, as well as Dialga, begins to rampage, digimon games creating a danger for the entire region of Sinnoh.

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It is an apocalyptic conspiracy, but there are many different theories about what exactly it is. Cyrus then leaves while questioning how he lost control over himself in their battle. Cyrus appears in the cave of Celestic Town with the player and Cynthia's grandmother. However, he was greatly angered upon his ultimate defeat. When he goes to check on the progress of the second Red Chain's creation, he finds that Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie have all been freed from their containers.

They were under his control through the use of the Red Chain and were tasked by him to open a portal to another dimension, wanting a world of his own. There is also a volcano called Akagi in the real-world Kanto region of Japan. His defeat in the games differs between versions.

Cyrus is always dressed in his gray Team Galactic uniform. Saving the World from Ruins! Cyrus appears to be completely emotionless. However, as he explains to the player, he was engulfed by a mysterious shadow during his moment of victory and transported to the game's world.

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Cyrus is first seen watching a Contest being performed by Mitsumi in Hearthome City. The battle was declared as a draw when Cyrus and the others retreated after witnessing Piplup's giant wave. Mitsumi states that Hareta won't let that happen because he is fighting for all of them. Phobos Battalion Baron Phobos.

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In his speech, Cyrus says that they are on the verge on creating a new world with no incompleteness and strife. As they battle each other, Pearl has his Chatot, Chatler, destroy the camera that Cyrus was fighting for. At first, he appears confused about his location, asking the player if he has reached the new world. Dialga's only known move is Roar of Time. This article has an incomplete plot or synopsis.

Cyrus sent out Weavile to battle Hareta. Before he can say anything, Giratina's shadow grabs Cyrus and drags him to the Distortion World. He aims to create a world without spirit. However, Cyrus only takes his machine and praises Charon for his technological genius.

By holding her beloved Eevee hostage, Cyrus forces Mitsumi to once again fight for him and makes her battle Hareta. After waking up, Cyrus realized that the Distortion World matched the world he sought. In The Needs of the Three!

Cyrus reaches down to Charon, which Saturn and Mars think means he's going to pinch him. Jessie James Meowth Matori Dr. Palkia was first summoned by Cyrus on top of the Spear Pillar.

Cyrus almost defeats Hareta again, but he quickly loses his advantage once Hareta sets up a well-planned move. It was revealed that he is a rich businessman who made most of the buildings and libraries throughout Sinnoh. With his camera destroyed and having the information he needed, Cyrus takes his leave and traps the two boys on top of a pillar of stone.

Dialga and Palkia, now freed from their controlled status, use their powers to create a sphere of light that pulls Cyrus off the ground and into it. Cyrus gives Hareta a Master Ball and tells him to go to Mt. Cyrus debuted in Losing Its Lustrous!

Sprite from Diamond and Pearl. Despite his best efforts, Cyrus is unable to stop them from breaking the Red Chain he was using and unleashes his fury on them. Cyrus assumes that Hareta hates him for his actions but is shocked to only find that he pities him instead. The uniform he wears bears a Team Galactic logo pinned to his vest on his left upper breast. Overworld model from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Palkia was later pulled into another dimension by a pair of mysterious black tentacles. Later, Cyrus encounters the player in Mt. First used in the battle against Cynthia where it easily overpowered her Milotic and managed to survive her Garchomp's Draco Meteor.

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Noticing that Hareta is still alive after previously defeating him, he is challenged to a battle by the boy and they begin battling. If you were looking for the minor character of the day from Grin to Win!

Coronet where destiny awaits him. Later, while Jupiter battles Mitsumi at Lake Acuity, Cyrus sends a phone call to Jupiter in which he requests that Mitsumi comes to him. Disappointed by his failure, Cyrus unceremoniously fires Saturn from Team Galactic and tells him to leave. Like the other bosses, this Cyrus was summoned from a world where his plans succeeded. He is one of the second pair of bosses the player must face, along with Lysandre.

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Coronet he coldly attacks them with his newly evolved Probopass and Magnezone, trapping them underneath a pile of rubble and leaves while stating that they were disturbing sacred ground. He is rarely seen without a dark, brooding expression on his face. Under the night sky of Veilstone City. He was voiced by Sean Schemmel.

His grandfather regretted for not helping him in his time of need. However, the two were calmed down and sent away with the help of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. He takes Diamond to an area where Giratina had kept Dialga and Palkia trapped after it dragged them into the Distortion World. He arrives at the Spear Pillar where he greeted by his Galactic Commanders who were worried about his injured state.