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This resulted in hours of unusable footage that had to be observed by Nourizadeh and his team to find segments that could be incorporated into the final film. It was subsequently banned as a result.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Things escalate quickly and the police arrive, responding to a noise complaint. Following release, incidents of large-scale parties referenced or blamed the film as an inspiration.

Costa steals his lawn gnome to use as a party mascot. Three suspected organizers of the rave were formally charged.

Theatrical release poster. However, more and more people begin to arrive and the party moves beyond their control and into the house. Kirby walks in on the pair as they are about to have sex and leaves the party upset. The remainder of the story was fleshed out in the following weeks. Actors were required to provide videos of themselves telling embarrassing or funny stories, or dancing.

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By morning, the boys return to their respective homes to discover what punishment awaits them. Dax, meanwhile, is under investigation for the disappearance of his parents.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. To create the impression that the events of Project X had actually happened, the producers decided against casting known faces, but to find completely new actors. Project X was not intended to be the title of the film, pps player but it was kept to capitalize on interest generated by the rumored secrecy surrounding the project.

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The noise and chaos of the party, which has now spilled into the surrounding neighborhood, receives televised news coverage with helicopters flying over the house. Police from seven agencies who responded chose to manage the situation from the perimeter because of the risk of hundreds of intoxicated drivers fleeing the scene. Thomas kisses Kirby and reveals that he loves her. After buying party supplies, the boys go to buy marijuana from drug-dealer T-Rick. Suddenly, partygoers arrive en masse.

Several reviewers were particularly critical towards Cooper and his character. Costa, however, awaits the results of three paternity tests.

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The police leave and the party resumes. As night falls, the party's start time passes but no one turns up and Thomas worries that the party will fail. Silver Pictures Green Hat Films. Alexis meanwhile flirts with Thomas throughout the night and eventually seduces him.

The film is presented as a found footage home video from the perspective of an attendee using a camera to document the night's events. The title Project X was initially a placeholder for a final title, but interest generated by the secretive title kept it in place.

But yeah, it was great, man. The police return in force but are overwhelmed and repelled by the guests. The majority of the cast were sourced from this casting call, but a few with prior acting credits, such as Mann, were accepted after multiple auditions. British Board of Film Classification.

The partygoers remain silent, convincing the officers that the party has already ended. Many of the same extras were brought back for multiple nights of filming, and would continue to party between scenes. They decide to let the party end naturally before moving in.

Dozens of participants were taken to area hospitals after overdosing on drugs particularly heroin and alcohol including one reported sexual assault. The police shoot his flamethrower pack and it explodes. When police questioned the teens about their motivation, they claimed to have been inspired by the film. The casting of low-profile actors aided in keeping the production budget low by avoiding the larger salaries attached to stars. We also really looked at how best to capture the size of this event and the level of destruction with our resources.