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But so satisfying when you do win it! Players can visit their neighbors to collect coins or treasures from their neighbor's Treasure Chest, to collect gems, and even to help in certain tasks. Moreover, you can level up easily by completely digging an island as it rewards additional points.

Facebook Games Treasure Isle

Treasure Island

Treasure Isle

The first couple to reach the island, would have the wife ring a bell and say the answer aloud. During the race, the audience would be shown the meaning of the riddle, line by line. To dig up a tile, players simple need to click on it. The couples kept whatever prizes they won and if they found either of the bonus chests, they won bonus prizes. Glowing icons create explosions and aide in clearing the area, so watch for the glow.

Your username will be displayed on your review. Another way to get energy is by asking your friends for an energy pack which will refill your energy meter. In fact, the game is growing faster than FarmVille did, when it launched last summer.

The player also has the option to build up their own paradise on an island given to them when they start the game. Really good game for thinkers.

In this round the couples had to put the pieces into a giant jigsaw puzzle which, when completed, showed a four-lined riddle to a famous person or character. Another difference is this is not a swap, etc. Each increase on the level gains one additional energy in your total energy meter. The jeweled squares are large and colorful. Then they had to pick up as many of twenty giant jigsaw puzzle pieces as possible.

The couple that found the most pieces in the last round went first. To start the third round, Tucker read the clue a second time. With one click you can send your duplicate treasure to them. Your review should appear soon.

These gems can be used to unlock Gem gates on the many isle's which the game has to offer in the maps. The main goal of Treasure Isle is to travel to several islands to discover lost jewels and treasures.

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Matches are made horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Are you sure you want to purchase it?

Thank you for writing a review! All in all this is a fun and addicting game, in either mode. Discuss with other players! Please be advised we use cookies on our site in order to give you the best experience. This is a member-only game.

Another benefit is that you can send and receive gifts from your neighbors. They had to do all this within approximately seconds. The husband chose one of the directional points on a compass and found a clue to the location of a miniature treasure chest. You can play only one way, the games way. You can send fruits as gifts to your neighbors, and most likely, you can receive one as well.

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The couples would then race each other in paddle rafts. But the absolute worst is this hideous light wave that flows across the board blocking your view of it for a second. One thing that should be corrected in the game is showing your score with the other players in the High Score Menu.

And how do you get magically a different match item when the one you're holding doesn't have a match? Treasure Island Your objective is to follow the path marked on an old map and collect ancient treasures.

Secure Form Forgot your password? If you play in Classic Mode which is timed, the game is very challenging.

According to legend, pirates hide their booty on Treasure Island. We don't think Treasure Isle will reach the heights of that megahit, but the desire to explore new places and collect and complete sets of items are both strong hooks for gamers. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but once you do, snake skin vector you won't be able to stop collecting treasures in this hilarious and exciting adventure!

Facebook Games Treasure Isle