Triple Klondike

Aces Up has been implemented! Menu Requires Click to Activate. There are unlimited redeals.

Solitaire Trefoil And A Draw. Solitaire Bakers Kings FreeCell.

No files other than those required to run our games are installed. Challenges are fixed deals that are guaranteed to be winnable. Montana has been implemented! You can also play against other people there!

Double Klondike Turn One has been implemented! Double Klondike Turn Three. Sultan has been implemented! Baker's Game has been implemented! It is absolutely thrilling to me to know that so many people enjoy what I have created.

Play Other Solitaire Version. Scorpion has been implemented! Double Easthaven Kings Only. World of Solitaire is primarily the work of one person, avast antivirus definition me. Click to redeal when all cards in the stock pile are dealt.

Flower Garden has been implemented! Solitaire Double Klondike Turn One. Download Triple Klondike Now. Triple Klondike Turn Three has been implemented!

Double-click or right click a card to auto play that card. Solitaire Baker's Game FreeCell.

Triple Klondike Solitaire

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Solitaire Tri Peaks Strict. Cards should be better randomized now. Tri Peaks Strict has been implemented! Solitaire Cruel Traditional Redeal. Golf has been implemented!

The offline version includes all the features of the online version except that it only has four decks and no statistics are recorded or available for viewing. Correct values now appear.

Triple Klondike is a three deck variation of the standard seven pile solitaire game Klondike. Klondike Solitaire Play your favorite solitaire classic online! Don't like the new version?

Solitaire Bliss - Solitaire Turn Three (Klondike)

Clock has been implemented! Eight Off has been implemented! Test your skill and see how many you can solve!

Triple Klondike Turn One has been implemented! Solitaire Triple Klondike Turn One.

Solitaire Aces Up - Medium. Royal Parade and all the Easthaven versions. Play Triple Klondike Solitaire Online.

Trefoil has been implemented! Three Shuffles and a Draw has been implemented! Solitaire Cruel Solitaire Online.

Triple Klondike Solitaire Turn Three

Trefoil and a Draw has been implemented! Only a K or a group starts with a K can fill the position of an empty tableau pile. Local statistics are live.

Solitaire King

Solitaire KingTriple Klondike Solitaire

World of Solitaire is in maintenance mode. Canfield has been implemented! Baker's Dozen has been implemented!

Triple Klondike Solitaire

Golf Relaxed has been implemented! Cruel has been implemented! You may also move groups of cards among the tableau piles according to this rule and reveal the remaining downturned cards on them.

Triple Klondike Turn Three. It's the best way to play solitaire! Three Shuffles and a Draw.