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Really, all of the non-traditional fights lack the excitement that should exist when rules are shaken up. But the nostalgic flame of yesteryear still burns inside me. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. An abomination only possible in the character creator. Mostly to do with finishers, really.

Choose your words wisely and smack talk your opponents, start rivalries or form alliances. Characters also move faster than previously. Single-player Multiplayer. Please provide the procedure as some code is opening on clicking download. This publisher always provides sports installments like Cricket, Hockey or Football.

Some characters can launch an opponent into the air and catch them for a catch finisher. You can neither toss your opponent off nor fall through the cage, and the awkward animations preventing such disasters look hopelessly cartoonish.

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Finally, switch which slot you are playing as from the left to right, and you should be able to choose from the list of managers. Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? And it's not like my high opinion of Savage is because of my hazy memory. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Black Flag Jackdaw Edition.

You can choose any superstar in any arena. This glitch only works on the unpatched version of the game.

We expect entrance themes and costumes to be ripped from the archives, but the game goes even further than that. He kicked when he was taking with him. Separate names with a comma. This strips away much of the appeal of competitive matches because the same tactics can be used to win, earthworm jim for pc no matter who you are or who you play against.

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Why Being Bad Feels so Good. Nice blog and all information about the wrestling are very interesting which i really like it. Professional wrestling portal Video games portal.

Do Gamers Build the Best Games? Hope I helped, and have a nice day! These are all fine choices, if you like going the obvious route.

Are Zombie Games Truly Undead? It includes superstars in which some are old and some new.

Current Superstars

Current Superstars

Before I realized that wrestling was scripted, I would recoil when one of my heroes would take a chair to his back or have his head forcibly slammed into the ground. Or maybe you want his bones to break.

It's a neat mode that embraces one of the iconic personalities in the sport, but none of these activities have lasting appeal because fights are so dreary. The nearfall system too has been improved, with more two counts. While the mode itself remains much of the same, the ability to use existing superstars as a template for new custom variants has been added. Randy Savage will always be a champion.

The mode features a distinct roster of wrestlers and alternate gimmicks, who wrestled at WrestleMania Especially in Main Events. These are an amazing platforms, but first you will need to buy these devices. For anyone who grew up loving professional wrestling, be prepared to be swept away in a tide of nostalgia.

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Test my PC - Check WWE 2K14 system requirements

Regardless of their roster choice I want to see lots of current superstars getting their move-set updated. What do you hope to see in the next-gen?


And if you should climb to the top of a Hell in a Cell cage, don't expect to be able to recreate the infamous match between Mick Folley and The Undertaker. Create feuds between wrestlers who used to be best friends and shake up the calendar if you've ever wished that Raw would air on Tuesdays. And even when I had never seen the match in the first place, I was still roped in to the drama because of how well it's presented. No one else could have made sequined robes seem like the perfect attire for a burly man. My emotions would overwhelm my senses, and I would think how much it would hurt to be thrown to and fro.

Check out the game Burrito Bison. His gruff, stilted speech and deliberate mannerisms enthrall me just as much today as they did so many years ago. The Real Johnny Cage Returns!

Test my PC - Check WWE 2K14 system requirements

Such a blatant and hilarious disregard for money! Read more about it in the blog post.