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The game only recently hit the Play Store, and offers up a free taste before ultimately forcing you to pay up. If you crave a meaty mobile adventure, then don't hesitate. You will be involved in a thrilling adventure in the ancient ruins in the world.

With a similar game-play and story-line to the popular Zelda series games, the game takes place in a futuristic era and features two main characters for the game, Astrian and Taric. It is the first game in the series of The Legend of Zelda and takes place in the fantasy-based land of Hyrule, the story centers on the protagonist who is a boy named Link. We may eventually get an official Legend of Zelda game for mobile, telugu font software but why wait?

The game promises a vast kingdom, a dangerous world, puzzles and adventures. You will have to do your best to discover the secrets to save the kingdom. The game will give you the most realistic simulation experience on mobile phones. Otherwise, Ittle Dew plays much like the real thing, as you fight through dungeons filled with switch puzzles and various creatures, hunt down loot, and discover secrets along the way.

You fly like a plane in the wonderful world with many interesting secrets. You will make thrilling shots and one-on-one challenges with friends around the world. There are three different classes in the game for you to select and play accordingly with their different strength and abilities for the combats against the enemies.

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Link's Awakening from way back when. You will play an angel and take a relaxing stroll. You can ruin the environment, and smash your way through vehicles, trees, buildings and anything. You will also learn the dark secrets of the royal past. The game takes place in the fantasy world and offers an exciting story, in which a massive war was fought to retrieve the harmony and peace of humanity.

The game is about the evil dragon Radon has been killed, and its blood has condensed into Blood Stones Dragon. You will be playing a no-go warrior, and participate in a great knight tournament. Luckily, the cartoonish, hand-drawn look packs in some personality, and you'll get even more of it from the dialogue, with smart-ass quips and surprisingly funny jokes coming at a constant clip.

The game takes place in the fantasy-based environment and follows an epic adventure of revenge through space and time. It takes place in nine different treacherous realms and offers multiple character classes. You have to win to make your dream come true and become a famous knight. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. The game takes place in the fantasy setting and the player can collect and recruit more than three-hundred odd heroes, ranging from ice-skating characters to deadly swordsmen.

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This amazing sequel to the popular Blood and Glory provides you with a chance to be a living Legend who goes against the Cruel Emperor. The protagonist equips with a small shield but a small sword available as the protagonist progress through the game.

Zelda APK Download - Free Adventure game for Android

You will explore the extensive map, and many interesting environmental types. The story of the game is about an event that awakens the destroyer and makes the earth tremble so hard that it causes cataclysm and earthquakes, unleashes countless monsters.

The game offers Action-packed gameplay and introduces a variety of characters from which you have to select your favourite one with unique abilities. You build your style team, recruit famous football superstars, build stadiums, and lead the team to the glory. Experience the thrill and challenge of high-speed racing. It belongs to Dungeon Hunter Series. Adventures of Mana is a lot more expensive than the other games on this list, and it can feel clunky and dated, but it's a hearty role-playing quest that you can really sink into.

It combines Action-Adventure, Fast-paced, Combat and Exploration elements to offers the exciting gameplay. Follow him on Twitter ahaywa. You will discover a magical world with the famous castle, the abyss and Diablo dungeon, and even a fake pirate ship. You will participate in an exciting world of golf with unique obstacles. The game uses top-down perspective and puts you in the strange world consists of several dungeons and your ultimate task is to fight against enemies and uncover the secrets.

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Challenge your driving skills to the limit in the race of time. The game takes place in an ancient China invaded by evil forces, and the world needs you. You will play the role of student Tom and carry out his cheating. Rifts in Time is an Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and Fantasy-based video game available for mobile devices developed and published by Gamevil.

You will participate in a future world with much advanced technical equipment. The game simulates the force interaction between hundreds of different unique items with realistic physics effects. Join Discussion Cancel reply. It's a game that fans are gleefully pouring hours into and that critics have praised as one of the greatest of all time. With well-written story, addictive gameplay, and brilliant mechanics, The Legend of Zelda is the best game to play and enjoy.

Unfortunately, you won't find it on your smartphone or tablet. You will overcome the challenge with strange creatures in him. The game is about exploration and real-time combat.

The Legend of Zelda Alternatives for Android

You will discover the galaxy as a bounty hunter among galaxies. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.